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​A Storytelling Workshop for Personal, Organisational, and Global Transformation
  • Cultivate an intention
  • Conquer self-criticism
  • Connect to your power source 
  • Meet your hero
  • Plot your story
  • Plan to finish

What We Do

Personal Development 



Storytelling weekend workshops at animal sanctuaries and other sacred locations open to the public.


Shorter story sessions looking at specific folk tales and myths also conducted.


Team-Building Storytelling 


Set storytelling experiences of different durations for teams looking to build connections and understand team dynamics on a deeper level.

Custom Storytelling Workshops for Organisational Transformation

Custom-built storytelling group experiences designed to bring about specific shifts within an environment. 

One-on-One Storytelling

Process Work and Coaching

Ongoing storytelling process work for individuals or members of teams who have attended another workshop and wish to develop their storytelling further. 

About Dreaming With Wolves

Why should I attend Dreaming With Wolves?

Many of us have always wanted to write a book or a short story and some may even have started writing only to lose direction and give up. Important stories remain untold, lessons are not learned, and healing or transformation cannot be completed.


In order to tell our stories, we will need to let go of any preconceptions about storytelling and learn to let dream do the work; this workshop can help.

As organisations and communities, we need to tell stories in order to understand the moods and events shaping what is possible in the future. We need a structure for dreaming change into being, which the workshop can provide.

Wolves are wise, soulful, and magnificent creatures with a deep knowing that has much to teach us. Likewise, they need advocates in the world who can tell their stories. If you attend a workshop at the sanctuary, you will fall in love with wolves. If you attend in the city, you will hunger to know wolves and to incorporate some of their magic into your life.

What will I gain from attending Dreaming With Wolves?

This workshop is not about the writing part, it is about the dreaming process that gives birth to a story before it can be written down. The wolf spirit acts as a wise guide during dreaming. 


It is a full story-birthing experience that will equip you as a storyteller. When delivered for a specific group, it is a co-creating experience that allows dreaming together and uses storytelling as a way of strengthening team connections, resolving conflicts, and planning together for the future of the group.

During the Dreaming With Wolves workshop you will be given an opportunity to: 

  • Find your story and understand its gift

  • Cultivate an intention to tell your story on your own terms

  • Conquer self-criticism through the application of process techniques

  • Connect to your power source through an encounter with wolves, other teacher animals, or ancient sacred sites (depending on the specific workshop dates)

  • Meet the hero of your story, understand their calling, their challenges, and their path 

  • Plot your story from start to finish

  • Consider the ways in which your story can enhance transformations unfolding around you.

When & Where Can I attend?

Dreaming With Wolves began at the Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary in South Africa and is now facilitated at or near different sacred sites around the world as well as in major cities or at venues requested by the participating organisations or groups. The Wolf Spirit is never far away. 

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Meet The Facilitator

Yelena Calavera Vorster

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Yelena is a writer, environmental scientist, and facilitator living in London, United Kingdom. She began telling stories in childhood and went on to write for various major publications and to publish her stories through indie publishers and under her own publishing imprint. Her journey as a storyteller led her to work with organisations to deliver large learning programmes and she was involved in touching the lives of more than 4000 learners across Africa.


She first traveled to the Husky Romi Wolf Sanctuary in 2014, searching for a meaningful soul connection to the wolves. Over the following years she visited the sanctuary often, bringing friends and relatives along to meet the wolves in the hope of sharing her passion for and desire to protect wolves, and to promote the conservation work done by Husky Romi. In 2015 her husband proposed to her with the help of one of the wolves, further strengthening her family ties to the space.


In early 2017 Yelena designed and developed Dreaming With Wolves and delivered her first workshop to the public, drawing on her experience as a learning and development professional, project manager, writer, facilitator and shaman's apprentice. 


Treacle's Testimonial

"There is a job, a career and then there is a calling. You have been called upon to do this.

I’ve not before attended any workshop of any nature with so much quality facilitation. I feel like I have a complete toolkit that will take me anywhere from short story to novel.” 

Upcoming Events

  • City Wolf Dreaming: Storytelling Workshop
    Time TBD
    Central London - Location TBD
    Time TBD
    Central London - Location TBD
    Join independent author, organisational transformation facilitator and wolf activist Yelena Calavera for a weekend of storytelling in London. Learn about different character archetypes and experiment with telling their stories and stories of your own. No storytelling experience needed.
  • Storytelling Circle: Vasalisa and Baba Yaga
    Time TBD
    Central London - Location TBD
    Time TBD
    Central London - Location TBD
    Drink coffee with Yelena Calavera and join in a discussion about the story of Vasalisa and Baba Yaga as told by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It is story about reconnecting with the wild nature through an initiation into deep intuition. It is a story about learning not to be 'too nice'.
  • Dreaming With Wolves South Africa 2018
    Fri, 04 May
    Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary
    04 May 2018, 21:00 – 06 May 2018, 01:00
    Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary, Reitz, 9810, South Africa
    Join independent author, organisational transformation facilitator and wolf activist Yelena Calavera for a weekend of storytelling with wolves at the Husky Romi Wolf Sanctuary. Learn about different character archetypes and experiment with telling their stories and stories of your own.
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