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Letters to the Black Underground

Anna’s job is to create voice recordings of subliminally encoded advertisements and propagate them to Virtual Archetypes - groups of citizens with very distinct sets of character traits - whose lives have been mapped out from early childhood to old age by the range of products they will consume at each stage of the evolution of their identities. 
She gets involved with a rebel faction known as the Black Underground and becomes entangled in an operation that could plunge mankind over the edge of the abyss. 

‘Letters to the Black Underground’ is a novel about what we might do in order to be free in an age dominated by information, where the sum total of who we are has dwindled down to the size of a social media avatar, and capitalism has become a freewheeling experiment that is endangering life as we know it. It explores how consumptive narcissism has degraded our ability to be intimate, and examines the effects of the corrosive forces at the heart of modern society. 


In a parallel universe WWII unfolded differently for South Africa and the study of eugenics took a turn nobody expected. One woman holds the key to saving a civilization from devastation.

Black Benjamin: A Cursed Tale

A dark parody of Victorian era literature in which an investigative exorcist is lured to a small English village in order to investigate a series of gruesome murders, with which he is more intricately intertwined than he could ever have imagined.

The Dead City Blues

Johannesburg is a crumbling wasteland. Nightmares have cleaved from the Dream and walk the streets, hunting down and devouring mortals. Shelby and her sister Lara are the only survivors. In order to escape the city, Shelby must confront a dark secret.

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